Dark Slayer

Originally Published: 07-16-2018

Book Summary

Dark Slayer is the 20th book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

This is the book where you find out that Razvan, who all thought was the enemy of all Carpathians, is in fact been captive and abused, beaten, drained of blood and used for centuries by the dark mage, Xavier.

In the last book, Dark Curse, Natalya, Vikirnoff, Nicolas and Lana blow up Xavier’s lair in the ice caves after they get out with the aunts.

So Xavier has to flee as well.  He gets Razvan out and then while he’s horribly weak, Razvan is able to escape hoping to seek the sun and end his torment.

And that brings him close to Ivory’s secret lair.

Now Ivory is thought long dead because she was a part of the beginning.  Her brothers are the ones that are leading the vampires and are in league with Xavier to destroy the Carpathian way of life.

She was lured to her death by Draven, Mikhail’s demented brother, and chopped into pieces left for the wolves.  But instead of eating her, the wolves gathered her body and Mother Earth put her back together.  And this took centuries.  She has become a complete loner and can’t handle polite society.

But neither can Razvan. 

She finds Razvan, bloody, torn, unable to even speak.  And she knows he’s her lifemate!

So she can do nothing but save his life.  And then he can decide if he’ll seek the sun when he’s at full strength.

Ivory is known as the Slayer, the vampire hunter that is ruthless and cunning.  She’s been hunting since she was able to heal herself and has done so secretly with a wolf pack that she converted to the Carpathian way.

Her wolves, six of them, fight and live with her.  She feeds them and they’re her family.  She doesn’t feel capable of being amongst any being.

So her life drastically changes with Razvan joining forces with her.

She finally has contact with the Carpathian people again.  And that leaves her a little unnerved!!

It leaves them both a little uncomfortable, both are outcasts and that binds them together.

But what you do find out is a ton of background info about the whole storyline.  About what happened to Razvan and what he did and didn’t do.  How he was victimized and kept as a prisoner, being drained of blood and used as a puppet to hurt and torment others.

You also find out what happened to Ivory.  How she was left for dead and how she has fought for life.

In the end, I would call this a story of healing.  Both Razvan and Ivory must heal from their unique issues that they have and learn to love again.  And they do it together.  And they start to heal that rift that was between him and the Carpathian people.

It helps that both Ivory and Razvan are instrumental in not only destroying Xavier, but also helping save the babies that are fighting to be born.

So this story is filled with healing on many fronts.  Razvan with his daughters, Lana and Skyler.  Razvan with his twin sister Natalya.  Ivory with some of the De La Cruz brothers.  Ivory with realizing that her brothers are really the ones that are responsible for all that’s happening!

And then Ivory and Razvan with all the ancient warriors among the Carpathian people.

So this story is a pivotal chapter within the whole storyline.  We needed it to see that Razvan was not evil and that Xavier can be destroyed.

But the story doesn’t end here.

You can find out Dominic’s story.  If you remember, he took vampire blood and went among the vampires to find out their plans.  You find out his story when you read book 21, Dark Peril.

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