Darkness Rises

Last Published: 11-26-2019

Book Summary

Darkness Rises is the 4th book in the Immortal Guardians Series by Dianne Duvall.

Hopefully you’ve reading this whole series and know that this series is a great series about the tall, dark and gorgeous Immortal Guardians!!

This book brings you Lisette’s (book 5) other brother’s (Etienne) story.  Richart is the other brother(book 3.5).  I would NOT call this a trilogy within the series!  They are just more awesome characters.

Krysta Linz has taken it upon herself to fight the war on vampires all herself.  Along with her brother Sean.  He’s a healer and helps her when she comes home broken and wounded.

Etienne encounters her and admires her strength while she fearlessly fights the vampires.  He’s captivated and can’t stay away from her.  She thinks he’s a vampire that should be killed until he convinces her otherwise.

Her brother Sean has been going to medical school during the day and playing healer at night.

When Krysta joins the Immortal Guardians, he decides to join as well.  As they are both gifted ones, they can become immortal without succumbing to the virus.  

Sean starts working with Dr. Melanie to help find the cure.

It would be nice if he got his own story!!

This story just carries on the battle that the Guardians have with vampires and the things that they have to deal with.

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