The Rocky Mountain Thrillers by Ann Voss Peterson

Originally Published: 02-24-2018

The Rocky Mountain Thrillers is a three book series by Ann Voss Peterson.

This series is a romantic suspense series with lots of western feel to the storyline.

Each book is a full length novel with no cliff hangers.  As I’ve only read book 1, I don’t know yet if there is a background plot that happens throughout the whole series.

Her writing is definitely interesting and captivating.  Her sexy scenes should be rated R though.  You can still follow the storyline if you skip those scenes.

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Book 1, Manhunt, is about Shanna Clarke and Jace Lantry.

Book 2, Fugitive, is about Sarah Trask and Eric Lander.

Book 3, Justice, is about Melissa Anderson and Nick Raymond.

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