The Dream

Originally Published: 09-02-2017

Book Summary

While Kat Martin’s site says that The Dream is the 2nd book in the Paranormal Series 1, this book has no connection to either book 1 or book 3!!

What it is – is a story that’s intriguing, captivating and very interesting!

It’s the type of story that stays with you long after you have finished reading it.  

And it makes you wonder about the different ideas that are present in it!!

This is Genny Austin’s story.

She has been plagued by horrific nightmares for longer than she can remember.  And the nightmares aren’t just random nightmares. They are memories of a past life that have surfaced because of what has happened in this life.

That leaves you thinking about reincarnation and even if it’s possible.

Genny goes to several people to try to get help to figure out why she is getting these specific nightmares.  She goes to a psychologist, a sleep clinic, and even tries hyno-therapy.

Due to these nightmares, she has chronic insomnia and likes to walk on the beach to help herself fall asleep.

It’s during one of these times that 3 ruffians attack her attempt to rape her.  It is only by the chance that she is saved by Jack Brennan.  He carries her home and they begin an interesting friendship.

As they get to know each other, that friendship turns to something deeper and much more meaningful.  But it also scares Jack.  He is meant to be alone and Genny is not the fling type of lady.  She’s the forever type.

So the majority of the book is her experiencing these horrific dreams and how it affects her daily life.  Her and Jack become involved and with his help, she is able to get some sleep.  And over time Genny comes to realize that these dreams mean something and she needs to find out.

With the help of Charley, Genny goes to see a Dr. Bailey.  He believes in past lives and that she could be experiencing one of her past lives. With the help of hypno-therapy, she is able to know that she was a terrible person in a past life.

It’s a really interesting story.  Makes you think about past lives and reincarnation and making amends for things that you might have done before.  

And of finding the one you loved before and of getting a second chance to be with him again.  While Jack never believes that he was in the past with her, he is grateful when she comes back to him.

There’s a lot that happens in the story line.  It’s definitely worth reading!

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