Sun Kissed

Originally Published: 05-13-2018

Book Summary

Sun Kissed is the 7th book in the Kendrick Coulter Harrigan Series by Catherine Anderson.

This book could also be called A Harrigan Family Novel.  I’d call it A Coulter Harrigan Family Novel as this is the book that the Harrigan’s join this book series.

This book is about Tucker Coulter and Samantha Harrigan.

Samantha has four older brothers, Clint, Zachary, Parker and Quincy. 

Each of brothers are the main characters in the rest of this book series, books 8, 9, 10, and 11.

This book is called Sun Kissed because Samantha is described as “her sun-kissed, ivory complection put him in mind of peaches drizzled with cream, its flawless testure set off to perfect by her ebony hair, which wisped and curled in an untamed cloud.”  Pretty romantic!!

Tucker is twins with Isaiah (book 6) and together they have opened a vet clinic.

Tucker first meets Samantha when she is defending a horse from his drucken owner.  Due to the situation going from bad to worse, they both get arrested.  This gives them time to get aquainted in the back of a cop car!!

This is an exciting way to start a story!  Great hook.

Samantha is a breeder of beautiful blue roans.  A special breed of horse that is close to her heart.  She owns the Sage Creek Quarter Horse Ranch.

So when one of her horses gets sick, she calls Tucker in to see what’s up.  When he discovers that they have been poisoned, things start getting out of control.

You see, Samantha’s ex-husband is devious and conniving.  And at the proceedings for their divorce, he threatened her.  So when her horses fall sick, he’s the first one she blames.

Due to the severity of how badly one is doing, Tucker takes Tabasco to his clinic to help him get better.  And Samantha goes along as well.  She is not going to let one her precious horses be alone while he is sick.  No matter what.

It’s while she’s staying at the clinic that they get to know each other.  I would liken it as going to battle.  They get to know each other in horrible, dire circumstances.  They see sides of each other that usually don’t happen.  And Tucker falls in love with her even though no kisses or even hand holding is exchanged in the first part of the story.

When things escalate and the police get invoved, Tucker has to follow the law.  And it’s then that he confronts Samantha, telling her that he loves her and that he had to be honest in his report despite how he feels about her.

The characters, especially Samantha, are Catholic.  So some of their values like honesty, lying and fidelity come into the storyline.  

Their stand on sex before marriage is also part of this storyline.  While there is one scene where they do get carried away, they choose to abstain for the rest of the storyline.  This scene has a few details but not many.

For the majority of the story, you learn about her horses and who they are and how much she loves all of them.

You also learn about Tucker and his devotion to the animals not only in his clinic but also his own.  He has a huge rottweiler, named Max.  

Sun Kissed is an intense, riveting story.  You get pulled into their lives and the love that is beginning to grow between them.  You feel the disappointment and sadness right along with them.

Catherine Anderson does a great job of weaving intense emotions into the storyline while making it interesting and intriguing.

She also makes a point to introduce all the Harrigan family members in this book.  This book is a great beginning to the Harrigan family novels.  You meet Clint, Zachary, Quincy and Parker along with their father Frank.

Here’s an older book cover for this book!!

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