Blind Faith

Originally Published: 08-31-2020

Blind Faith is the 3rd book in the Jigsaw Files by Sharon Sala.  This whole series is about the characters Charlie Dodge and Jane Wyrick.

This new series is a thriller instead of a romance!  And it’s also a new release as of July 2020!

Book Details

And the first thing you need to know is that while this was written by Sharon Sala, this book is not a romance.  It is, however, a mystery.  It’s classified as a psychological thriller and a mystery action and adventure story.

And because she’s a master storyteller, it’s also a bestseller!!

What’s nice is that there’s no sexy details in this story.  Whether or not that was a choice of the author or not, I enjoy a good story by a great author.  

The only romance elements in this story deal with Charlie and his wife.  His wife, Annie, is slipping away because of Alzheimer’s and sadly he looses her in this story.

But we get to see the deep love and commitment that he’s had for her and the heartbreak that he felt after losing her.

We also get to see the dynamics between Charlie and Wyrick, albeit small amount, of chemistry happening between them that they never really act upon.

And by now, Charlie and Wyrick have become infamous for finding lost people. 

So not only is this story about them finding a lost boy who was left for dead by his so called friends. We get to know the characters wrapped around this teenager, like his parents and his girlfriend.

But the majority of the story is about Wyrick and what her story is and how she has to deal with the people from her past.

This is a full length novel with no cliffhanger.  It takes over 9hrs to listen to it!!

This story is the continuation of their work and their lives.  And in book 1 and 2, we start to get to know both characters and who they are and where they’ve come from.  And this ends up being more about Wyrick then about a missing person.

With Wyrick the main focus, there’re elements where we get to know a whole lot more about her and how she came to be.  And that ends up being amazing!!

What you do see is the unspoken friendship that has developed between them as the story progresses.

And we get to see the triumph that she takes in taking the man and company down that was after her and making him pay for what he did to her as a child.

So the mystery gets solved, and in a way that’s not what you’d think.  But it’s definitely like girl power kind of thing.  She takes back her power and shares her truth and that is what makes the difference in many lives, characters like the girl that was kidnapped in book 2 and the man that they helped in book 1!

Book Summary

Charlie may be an expert at finding lost children, but it’s Wyrick that’s the real expert.  As his assistant, she’s able to do things, sense things, find out things, and figure things that enable her to aide Charlie in such a way that he’s always able to find the kids.  H does all the tracking and field work while she does all the research and background checks.

She’s a dynamic character.  She’s described as being tall, whip thin, and bald.  She also has a huge tattoo of a dragon all over her body because she had breast cancer and had both breasts removed.

She was also created in a lab so she’s wicked smart, a psychic and able to do things that not many could.

She was part of an experiment that they got right with her but are unable to do again.  So that makes her priceless and worth killing over.

And by this book, instead of wanting to capture her, they want to kill her because she knows too much.

And in retaliation, she takes all of his money and gives it away.

Not only is this story about the lost boy, that they eventually find, but it’s about Wyrick coming forward and owning her truth of who she is and how she came to be.

Wyrick is bold and strong and a warrior woman.  She stands up for what she believes and brings down the man and the corporation that created her, using the skills and abilities that they gave her.


I listened to this whole story, all 9hrs of it in one day.  That’s how good this was.  There’s intrigue and suspense and mystery all woven into the story.

The characters are well developed and so interesting.  I’d love to meet a warrior woman like this one.  And I can see wanting to aspire to becoming a warrior woman like she was.

I will admit that I liked this book more than the first two in this series.  

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