Outlaw’s Honor

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

Outlaw’s Honor by BJ Daniels is the 2nd book in the Cahill Ranch Series.

This series is about the Cahill family that live in Gilt Edge, Montana.

This is Darby’s story.  He’s twins with Lillie (book 1) and together they bought and renovated an old heritage building that they turned into a bar and café, called the Stagecoach Saloon!

Darby leads a quiet life running the bar and café with his Lillie.

And while his sister, Lillie keeps trying to set him up with someone, he as no interest in anybody.

That is until he sees her!  

From the stage of the Chokecherry Festival, he sees a woman that shakes his foundation.  

Ironically, she tries pickpocketing him after.  But while she picks his pockets her grabs for her and her bracelet falls into his hands.

It’s that bracelet that takes her to the Stagecoach Saloon to ask for it back.

But instead of asking for it back, she asks for a job.

She intrigues him, entices him, and he hires her right away.

As he gets to know her, he knows that she’s hiding something.  But she is exciting and interesting.  And after she saves them from a robbery, he gets the chance to hold her.

So the majority of the story has them dancing around each other.  He also finds out that there is someone after her.  

In her culture, she was put into an arranged marriage when she was 15yrs old.  She didn’t want to marry the man that was selected for her.  So she ran.  She’d been on the run for some time when she stopped at the Stagecoach Saloon.

As she got to know Darby, she doesn’t want to leave.  She finds every excuse to stay.

And of course, they get to know each other and develop a relationship.  There is only one sex scene in this book.  And it’s not really detailed.  BJ Daniels lets us use our imaginations!!

But the book is also about Flint and his situation.  His ex Celeste is threatening Maggie, his new girlfriend.  This isn’t finished in this book.  Book 3 is all about Maggie and Flint!  Exciting!  Comes out November 2017.

There is room for several more books for this series.  Hawk and Cyrus need their own stories.

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