Kiss of Fire

Originally Published: 11-26-2019

Book Summary

Kiss of Fire is the 1st book in the Dragonfire Series by Deborah Cooke.

This is a 11+ book series that is complicated and filled with many different characters.  You have to pay attention when reading this series to know who is who and what is what!!

This series is about a group of men that are dragon shapeshifters, called the Pyr, who are trying to protect the world from the Slayers!

This is Quinn Tyrrell’s and Sara Keegan’s story.

This series is filled with prophesies.  Here’s the one from his book:

Sara Keegan is the Seer.  And Quinn Tyrrell is the Smith.

As the Seer, she can see things and know things that will help the Pyr to survive.  As the Smith, Quinn can sing to and manipulate metals.

Each couple has to have their firestorm.  This is Sara’s and Quinn’s.

Sara had moved to Ann Arbor to take over her late aunt’s bookstore.  

At first, she doesn’t believe that she is the Seer but when she meets Quinn, she is intrigued and captivated by him.

He knows that she is his chosen mate because when they touch sparks literally fly!!

Quinn is skeptical about the whole Pyr thing.  He was not raised knowing who or what he was.  His entire family had been killed when he was very young.  And by the end of this story, he knows that the one that took him under his wing is the one that killed his family.  He lived hundreds of years alone.

Until he finds Sara.  

So this story is not only Sara and Quinn getting to know each other, it is also the beginning of the story of the Pyr.  Quinn meets other Pyr and reluctantly becomes allies and eventually friends by the end of the story.

He realizes that Ambrose, the one that killed his family and befriended him when he was young, is actually the one trying to kill him.

This is also the story of how Sara and Quinn decide that they want to stay together despite the way of the Pyr being that they left after the firestorm was sated.  So they are the beginning of a new era of the Pyr.

So the author goes into great detail about each of the dragons.  In this book you meet Erik, the leader of the Pyr.  And Donovan (book ?), Niall (book ?), Sloane (book ?), and Rafferty (book ?).  There’s a list here about what their dragons look like!

You also meet the Wyvern, her name is Sophie.  She had been captured and tortured to get the names of the human and the Pyr that were going to have their firestorms. This gave the Slayers a leg up in the fight!

The storyline is engaging and very interesting.  You get to know all these different characters and how they will interact together.  Makes you want to go and find book 2 and book 3 just to keep reading.  

There are sex scenes in this book.  They don’t overpower the plotline and are a part of the storyline as each time the firestorm is sated, a child is made!  It is more sweet and tender than crude and cruel.  

They choose to stay together, not only for the child’s sake but also for the their sake.  They are stronger together.  

Now I’m interested enough to go and find the rest of the series!!

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