The Gunfighter

The Gunfighter is a stand-alone book, belonging to no book series by Bobbi Smith.

This book follows the same pattern of her other books with the characters finding themselves into tough situations but everything going right for them to find the ones that they love and solving their problems.

This story is about a man that’s a swindler and a thief. He has a long term plan to become a wealthy man in spite of the people that he take down along the way.

Book Summary

This story is a historical romance based in the Old West with guns, gunfighters, coaches, and women in long skirts.

When Michael convinced Angel’s to marry him, Angel know that he was bad news despite the fact that she was very young. Ever after the birth of their son, Christopher, Angel still didn’t trust him.

But it’s only after the death of her sister, Elizabeth, 10yrs later, is she able to do any thing about it.

And that’s when she goes on the run with little Christopher, who is 9yrs by this time, and her other sister, Sarah.

So the story flies until they are on the run from Michael. They know that they must protect Christopher from his father for they know that he will kill him, just like he killed Elizabeth. For on the day of his 10th birthday, he will inherit all the money that was left for Elizabeth.

And that’s what Michael wants.

And if it wasn’t for Angel and Sarah, his plan would’ve worked.

So they take off with little Christopher and decide to split up to get to California. They will each get there on their own so then when they men that Michael will undoubtedly send out after them, will be foiled in their pursuit.

Angel sends Christopher with Sarah and tells them to get there as fast as they can. And then, as luck would have it, Angel encounters a young urchin boy that tried to pick pocket from her and instead gives him a job.

This bring in Lucky to travel with Angel.

Now each of the women travel with the young boys and they encounter troubles along the way. And, of course, they get help from the men just at the right time to thwart the bad guy’s plans.

Sarah meets up with Steve and they pretend to be married in order to divert attention away from Sarah traveling alone with a young boy. And somewhere along the way, she begins to trust him and they fall in love.

Angel hires Blade, a gunfighter, to escort her and Lucky to California. And along the way, they fall for each other. Even young Lucky gets lucky and adopts him too!!

Now you need to know that with each of thes couples, they do come together in a sexy scene. These scenes, while having some detail, the detail is not as detailed as books that are published recently.

So by the end of the story, they’ve fallen in love, solved all their problems and the villain just happens to fall down the stairs to his death making everything just go away.

I will admit that with everything going RIGHT in the story makes it to be pretty cheesy story. But at times in our lives when you just need a good, positive, happily-ever-after story to read, this is the type to read.

The author is a good author. She knows how to weave the characters into a well-written story that allows them to get what they want and what they need.

Her stories are always enjoyable to read when you need to read a happy ending!

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