A Highlander Christmas

Originally Published: 09-03-2020

Short stories by Dawn Halliday, Cindy Miles, and Sophie Renwick.

A Highlander Christmas is an anthology that’s filled with three fun and enchanting highlander stories from Dawn Halliday, Cindy Miles, and Sophie Renwick.

Each story is based at Christmas with all the festive trimmings as well a gorgeous Scotsman that have to learn to love their beautiful women.

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This book is a larger format, being 5.5×8 inches in size and total 329 pages long.

2009 paper back edition

Each book is a novella for a series for that author.  Each author has taken the MacDonald name, given it to a character that’s from the Highlands and wrapped a Christmas (Yuletide) story around it.

You’ll find that this book is classified as a holiday romance as each story is based at Christmas.  And it’s also classified as a Scottish Historical romance as each story is based in the Highlands.

Winter Heat by Dawn Halliday

2013 ebook edition

Winter Heat by Dawn Halliday is a really quick read, a novella with a mere 78 pages to it.

And because it’s such a short story, the plot moves quickly.  And because it’s a Scottish tale, it has language and dialogue to that effect.

Maggie MacDonald is left to the fate of her cousin, as due the times of this era, and is set to be married to Innes Munroe.  But as she was married before and is now a widow, she knows that he’s the type that she wants nothing to do with.

But when he takes her from her bed, she knows that she’d rather die than be left to the hands of this brute.

And that’s what happens.  She escapes from Innes only to be left in a blizzard.

Frozen and left alone, she lays down to sleep.

And that’s where Logan Douglas finds her, frozen and almost dead.  He takes her to a small cabin where he’d found shelter and nurses her back to health.

And it’s there that they share not only their hearts but also their bodies and fall in love.  Due to the times, he has to take her back home.  And there he challenges Innes to a duel for her hand, only to loose. 

But all is not lost.  Maggie’s cousin finally sees the brute that Innes actually is and plots a plan to right a wrong that shouldn’t have happened in the first place. 

So the story is a short, caught in a blizzard romance where they fall for each other and then have to fight for each other when they are away from the blizzard. 

And yes it does end happy, but not after some fun old world ideas come into play!!

A Christmas Spirit by Cindy Miles

A Christmas Spirit by Cindy Miles is an enjoyable story about a ghost and his enemy.

Well, his enemy that becomes his one true love!!!

This book is another story that follows the strange and elite world of mortals marrying medievals in the Paranormal Ghost Stories!

This book follows Highland Knight, book 3, in the Ghost Stories!

This story is about Gabe Munro and Paige MacDonald.

Gabe is a ghost, a very handsome, medieval ghost that has been haunting Gorloch Castle for several hundred years.  

2013 kindle Edition

Paige is a wandering spirit who’s in need of a some R&R.  She heads to the cold but beautiful Scotland to try something new.  But when her car breaks down, she heads to the only thing she can see in the blizzard, Gorloch Castle.

So this story is a fun romance with a blizzard, a beautiful highlander, and the woman that captures his heart.  And because it’s a short story, everything happens quickly and with not alot of embellishments. 

It doesn’t take long for Paige to realize that Gabe is a ghost.  And it doesn’t take long for them to fall for each other.  And of course, there’s a snag.  Paige happens to be part of the clan that killed him all those years ago.

And then we meet Amelia and Ethan (Highland Knight) again.  They’ve come to not only help him see the error of his ways but also to introduce themselves to Gabe.  They’re his long lost relatives that were also enchanted and stuck to the Munro lands for hundreds of years before Amelia rescued them.

This story is a fun short story.  Goes right along with the other Paranormal Ghost Stories!

Yuletide Enchantment by Sophie Renwick

2013 kindle edition

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