The Lasaran

Last Published: 09-21-2020

The Lasaran by Dianne Duvall is the book that’s about the character that showed up right at the end of Death of Darkness.  If you remember, right at the end of that book, someone shows up at the David’s house claiming to be Ami’s brother.  

Book Details

Well this is Taelon’s story.  He’s Ami’s brother from the planet Lasara whose come to find his sister.

But didn’t plan on getting captured in the process.

First, you need to understand the timeline.

The timeline for this story actually overlaps the timeline that we’ve read in Death of Darkness.  That book overlaps several stories as well.

You could even say this one goes back several books to fit with the timeline.  Why? Because Taelon was captured about he same time that Ami became pregnant with Adira. She had Adira in book 5.  Death of Darkness is book 9!!!

And with Ami and consequently Adira, both connected to Taelon, Adira was then able to see him being tortured, even tho they didn’t know it was him.

So his story goes back quite a ways.

The prologue is about him making the journey to Earth.  And chapter 1 takes us to basically the present time when Lisa Holt gets involved.

Then the story jumps again several months for when they blitzed the military base that Gershom had taken over, again in book 9.

And then the rest of the story is about Lisa’s and Taelon’s perspective and that includes the scene where they end up at David’s house right at the end of Death of Darkness.  But it’s seen from their POV instead.

And Duvall has done a good job of making sure that those different perspectives are different enough that we can tell who is who!!

This story is a full length novel, a nice long one and the story does end, albeit, with another story loop for us to impatiently wait for another novel about some of the other characters.

You’ll find that this books is the beginning of a new series, called the Aldebarian Alliance Series. There’s a second book to this series but I can’t find out when it’ll be released.

This book is actually classified as a science fiction novel instead of a romance even tho there’re definitely romance elements in it!!

And yes, those elements do have details to them.  

It’s a science fiction because it’s about outer space and another planet and the people that come from there.

The whole point of this story is to have Taelon return home to Lasara and he does that but in a different way than you’d expect.

Book Summary

Even tho the story starts with Lisa being found by the institute that wanted psychic women, the best part of the story is when the Immortal Guardians blitz the military base and Lisa and Taelon escape.

Both Lisa and Taelon were captured by this institute.  Taelon for being an alien and they proceeded to torture and dissect him.  Lisa because she happens to be a Gifted One and doesn’t know it.

They took samples from Taelon and impregnated Lisa.  She wakes up from a medically induced coma to being 8 months pregnant and not knowing where she is.

Taelon has been cut open, tortured, and beaten for so long that he doesn’t remember being with no pain.

When Seth and all the other Immortal Guardians come to take down Gershom, Lisa and Taelon escape because he has the ability to let others see what he wants them to see.

And it’s with this ability that they’re able to evade anybody and everybody.

But Taelon’s not getting better and they need help.

After they’ve gotten away, they spend several days in a dingy motel, but they get to know each other, share their stories and find that they actually are perfect for each other.

He tells her where he’s from and what he is.  She tells him that she’s prego with his child and what’s happened to her.  Several touching scenes but also some that were filled with too much touching!!

Finally they figure a plan to find Amiriska, his sister.  Taelon needs to find her.  

And that leads them to David’s house in North Carolina and the scene that you see at the end of Death of Darkness.

They’re given refuge and safety when they realize that the Immortal Guardians actually want to help them.  They find out why Taelon wasn’t healing and they help deliver Lisa’s baby.  All in just a few chapters.

Then they decide that they need to head back to his home planet.  So the story goes that way, leaving all the guardians back on earth, with a few exceptions coming with them.  

And then this is where the story can now be taken several, okay, many ways.  They’re attacked during the journey back to Lasara and only Taelon, Lisa, and a few others make it back.  And he sends out search parties looking for the others and it’s their stories that can be created into fantastical stories that could potentially go in any direction because of the premise.

Book 2 is called The Segonian. It’s about one of the Immortal Guardians that decided to go with them to Taelon’s planet.  Eliana is a warrior willing to go and she finally gets her story here.  You first met her when you read book 10, Broken Dawn, in that series.


I was very excited to find this book.  I waited impatiently for this one to come ever since I read book 9, Death of Darkness.  The story loop (the last scene where her brother shows up) is a great lead for this book.

But this wasn’t was I expected, either.

I had anticipated it to be a continuation of the Immortal Guardians series but it’s not.  It’s the beginning a whole brand new one.

I did enjoy this story.  I did think it was kinda strange that the two main characters fell for each other, just by chance, but it follows a romance format more than a science fiction format.

This romance is different in that she’s already pregnant with his baby and then they meet and then they fall in love.  See, different.

And the fact that they forge a relationship despite the way things started is also different.  But that doesn’t mean that this is a terrible story.  It’s not.  It’s a different take on what’s fun romance mixed in with a ton of Star Trek ideas as well.

Things like when his ship shows up and it opens up and it looks like it’s opening the air!!  

There’s a lot of things that happen along the way.  And yes, you can skip the details parts and not miss much of the storyline.

What I did like is that it filled in the blanks from book 9 and then continued the storyline as to what was happening and why.

And then it left it completely open for several more novels that could come out of this one.

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