Dark Promises

Originally Published: 12-05-2019

Book Summary

Dark Promises is the 29 book in the Dark Series!!!

This is Gabrielle Sander’s and Aleksei’s story.

If you’re familiar with the structure of the this series, you know that usually the man senses the woman and then the story starts from there. 

But this one starts out differently.  Instead of being only about the two main characters, there are several others that play a part.

This book is the only book within the entire series that has two couples coming together throughout the storyline.

First there’s Gabrielle Sanders.  She’s Joie Sanders’ sister (book 11).  And she was gravely injured and converted to a Carpathian long before this story.

She is one of the scientists that have been working on the issues that they have with bearing and keeping their children.  She’s been working with Gary Jansen and Shea Dubrinsky (book 2) in trying to find solutions. 

And during that time, she came to love Gary.

When she was converted to being a Carpathian, she didn’t have a lifemate to show her how to do anything and was left to own devices.  So now, she has a ton of issues and hates being a Carpathian.

She had come to love Gary Jansen as they were part of the research scientists trying to figure out the problems with the Carpathian blood.  

But she loved Gary.  And she wanted to be lifemates with Gary.

But deep down, they both knew that they were not lifemates.

As Gary was converted from human to a Carpathian male, he was taking on the characteristics that a Carpathian male has.  

And it’s at this monastery that they both encounter Gabrielle’s actual lifemate Aleksei.

At the monastery, where all the ancients were taking refuge, and the encounter with Aleksei, Aleksei takes Gabrielle and goes to his domain.

When Aleksei comes and claims Gabrielle, Gary looses color as well as emotions in one moment.  Like the way a lifemate would lose his emotions and color if they died.

But due to fact that he’s was converted by Gregori, he now has the knowledge and power that the Daratrazanoff lineage gives him.  He’s becomes incredibly powerful.

Aleksei is an ancient Carpathian that sought sanctuary in the monastery with several others.  These others are Dragomir, Sandu, Isai, Petru, Benedek, Andor and Ferro.  They were in the monastery with Aleksei.

When he hears Gabrielle, and actually sees in color, he knows that his lifemate is nearby.  What he sees, though, is her trying to be with another, he goes into fighting mode.  He quickly binds her to him with the ancient ritual words and takes her to him underground domain.

She fears him and defies him.  And that irritates him.

The man finds his women, tries to forcibly make her his.  She ends up defying him and almost leaving.  He must convince her to stay.  And then they come to some sort of understanding as misunderstandings are cleared up and they actually start to get to know each other.

The second couple is Trixie Joanes and Fane.

Trixie Joanes wanted to make sure her grand-daughter, Teagan (book 28, Dark Ghost) was okay.  She heads to the Carpathian mountains to find where she is.

There she literally walks into Fane’s domain.  She had heard his song and came to him.  And they are destines to be lifemates.

Keep in mind that each of the women have to be gifted to handle being converted to the Carpathian way.  

And then this is where this book is essential to the rest of the books that are in this series.

Gabrielle, Trixie and Teagan all possess gifts that aid these ancient warriors, enough for them to leave the monastery to go in search for their lifemates.

Teagan can infuse their aura with color enabling them some semblance of peace.

Trixie can read and hear their song.

Then Gabrielle can find where in the world their lifemate is in order to send them out.

The only one they tell us in the storyline is about Dragomir.  His story is in book 31, Dark Legacy, where Dragomir has gone to the States and finds her among the ones that have taken refuge at Tariq’s compound!!

Tariq’s story comes in the next book, book 30, Dark Carousel.

So you will find now, that there can be several more stories that can be written for this series.  It will be interesting to see how many more!!

We need a story about all these ancient warriors, but we also need Gary’s story.

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