Rescue Bear: Cortez

Originally Published: 04-21-2019

Book Summary

Rescue Bear: Cortez is the 3rd book in the Silvertip Shifter Series by JK Harper!

This book is about Cortez.  He’s the younger, brooding brother that doesn’t always get along with others.

He’s also the one that’s a thrill seeker and liked to have a good time.  As a tour guide for the Silvertip Lodge, he leads tour guides out and about doing all sorts of fun things.

And when he meets Haley and finds that she’s a complete workaholic, he’s determined to help her have some fun.

Doesn’t hurt that there’s an instant attraction between them.

But she doesn’t come without her own issues.

She’s come to Deep Hallow to hide away from an ex that’s a bit too much and she needs to get away from him.

So now the story gets a bit more complicated.  JK Harper does a good job of building the characters and advancing the plot line for us to enjoy.

You will also find that this book is closely connected with the next book in the series as it’s all about the outcast shifters that have come to reek havoc on the small community bear shifters.

Okay, sorry, spoilers here!!

Haley’s ex is a real piece of work and was using her for her writing talents and making money off of her.  So when she gave him the boot and started out on her own, she found that she had to fight some confidence issues of whether she could do it on her own or not.  

Plus she also had to deal with him back into her life and actually threatening her and her new found happiness.  

In a really ironic twist, we find out that regular humans can be turned into shifters too.  But if they are turned by someone other than fated mate, then they run into some major stability issues.

Which is what was happening to her ex.  He was turned, forcibly, and was not doing well when he comes to Deep Hallow to find Haley and to force her to come and be with him.

So at the end of this book there’s a huge bridge battle that happens between the good shifters and these outcast shifters.  

Okay, there’s a whole lot more that happens between Cortez and Haley, but you have to read the actual story to know that part!!  And that includes a sexy scene or two that you need to be aware of.

But during this battle, Haley chooses to have Cortez turn her.  And he does.  And she doesn’t do insane because she has Cortez to be her anchor and guide as she learns how to be a bear.

But this battle is a turning point for this small community.  They are now vigilant in keeping watch.  And some positive things come out of the battle as well.

There’s an outcast shifter, by the name of Marisa, who was forced to be a shifter.  She was caught along with several others.  She plays a huge part in the next book.

This issue with these outcasts doesn’t end until you get to the next book, so you have to read book 4, Ranger Bear: Riley to find out what happens!

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