The Montana Hamiltons Series

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

Series Summary

The Montana Hamiltons Series is closely related to the the Beartooth, Montana Series.  

The Hamiltons are a large prominent family that live in Beartooth as well.  So there’re lots of overlaping characters.  Fun!!  

This family has 6 girls.  Hence the book series.  There’s Ainsley, Bo, Kat, Livie, and the twins Harper and Cassidy.  

The background story is solving where their mother disappeared to shortly after the twins where born and what she’s been up to. Sarah ran herself into the lake and then disappeared.  

She reappeared some 22 years later.  With no memory of where she went or what she was doing.

Buckmaster (the father) had remarried to Angelina (the girls called her the Ice Queen) but she was killed in a car accident (book3) after Sarah reappeared. Interesting!!

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Wild Horses

Book 1, Wild Horses, is about Livie and Cooper Barnett.

Lone Rider

Book 2, Lone Rider, is about Bo and Jace Calder.

Lucky Shot

Book 3, Lucky Shot, is about Kat and Max Malone.

Hard Rain

Book 4, Hard Rain, is about Harper and Brody McTavish.

Into Dust

Book 5, Into Dust, is about Cassidy and Jack Durand.

Honor Bound

Book 6, Honor Bound, is about Ainsley and Sawyer Nash.

Now that I’ve finished the whole series, here’s some of my thoughts:

I liked the stories.  Each of them were easy, fun read.

I didn’t like them enough to buy them or read them again.

I liked each of the romances between each of the girls.  

I didn’t like that there was some unanswered things regarding Sarah.  I would call these books 2-dimensional stories.  Let me explain.

If it was to be 3-dimensional then there would be some finishing touches to this series.

Sarah may have helped in the end to stop the group the Prophecy but she didn’t come clean with her family.  It would have been nice if she had sat everyone down and explained what she eventually remembered.  Especially where she had the memories taken  from Cassidy and Jack in book 5.  That would have helped the stories to be more 3-dimensional.

But the story just ends with both the final member of the Prophecy dead as well as the guy stalking Ainsley in the final book.

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