Originally Published: 10-19-2017

Butterfly by Sharon Sala is a stand-alone novela that you can listen to in a very short amount of time.

Book Details

This is the story of how China Brown becomes a butterfly, or she emerges like a butterfly.

China Brown grew up believing that she was ugly after she heard her step father call her that.

And it was only after the tragic loss of her baby that she starts to see things differently.

China happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to not only witness the murder of Chaz Finelli, a celebrity photographer.  She also very pregnant and tragically loses the baby during the incident.

When Detective Ben English takes the case, he is drawn to the fragile looking woman.  She is rushed to the hospital with grim diagnosis.

Because Ben is drawn to China, he spends time visiting her despite her being in a coma.  But it while she’s in a coma that she hears him and comes to rely upon him.  She calls him the “Promise Man”.  

Although it takes time for her to trust him, he convinces her to come and stay at his mother’s place.  And it’s there that they get to know each other and fall for each other.

This story is a sweet and tender story.  Although it is not a regular love story. There is really no courtship for Ben and China.  He is the one that she comes to rely upon and their friendship and love grow from that.

Ben protects her and helps her to see that she is beautiful.  That she is like a butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon!

This story is not connected to any other of Sharon Sala’s stories.  It is just another example of the diverse writing talent of this exceptional author!!

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