Blown Away

Last Published: 12-07-2018

Blown Away is the 1st book in the Storm Front Series by Sharon Sala.

Book Summary

This book was first published in 2010 with the book cover below.  And this series was reissued this year with new book covers to enjoy!

This book is about Carolina North and Michael Boudreaux.

As a writer, Cari has an active imagination.  But when she sees her ex-fiancé in the process of burying a body, her imagination comes to a halt!  She can’t believe that her long-time friend would do something like this.

After fleeing for her life, she survives a hurricane that not only destroys everything she owns, but it also kills the only family she has left, her mother, father and cousin.

In a desperate attempt to survive, she impersonates her cousin, whom she happens to look just alike, and somehow ends up in the hospital.  

Her plan works until Mike Boudreaux sees thru her.  After telling him why she’s doing what she’s doing and why, he agrees to help her.

And while she’s recuperating, they get to know each other.  And in a very short time, the fall for each other.

Now, while there is a sexy scene, there’s really no details in it.

The story is written in 3rd person where we get to know not only Cari’s and Mike’s perspective, but we also get to know Lance’s as well.  Lance is an interesting character.  He’s the antagonist, but he’s tortured and broken and we end up feeling for him as well as for Cari and Mike.

Cari and Mike’s romance is simple and short.  Cari’s cousin Susan was Mike assistant.  As cousins, daughters of twin sisters, they looked and dressed alike.  But their personalities were nothing alike.  So while she may look like Susan, Mike sees and feels the difference in who they are.  And that influences how he feels towards Cari.

Mike’s a business guru and takes over businesses to make them profitable again.  But when he encounters Cari, he knows he’s met his match and he’s willing to succumb!!

It’s a cute story of the man falling under the charms of the lady. 

This book is called Blown Away not only because of the fact that the character is completely blown away by what she sees but also because the character writes a book about her experiences and calls it by the same name!

While this is a full length novel, I found that it was shorter than others and about the same as most of Sharon Sala’s books.

Take a look at book 2, Torn Apart, where we find out what happened to the young Bobby that went missing in book 1.

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