My Sunshine

Originally Published: 05-03-2018

Book Summary

My Sunshine is the 6th book in the Kendrick Coulter Harrigan Series by Catherine Anderson.

This book is also A Coulter Family Novel as it’s main character is another member of the Coulter family.

This is Isaiah Coulter’s story.  He’s twins with Tucker (book 7).  Together, they own a vet clinic that employs quite a few people.

So when Isaiah’s mother asks him to give this one lady a chance at a job, he reluctantly agrees.

Laura Townsend needs a job that she can actually do because five years before she was in a swimming accident that caused her to have permanent brain damage.  She dove off a cliff and hit the rocks below causing her to have aphasia. 

Aphasia is defined as the loss or impairment of the power to use or comprehend words usually resulting from brain damage.

Before her accident, Laura had been a successful environmental scientist.  Now due to her aphasia, she has to find menial jobs that will compensate for her disabilities.

And for her to try for a job at the equine center with Isaiah and Tucker is a huge step for her.

When Isaiah first meets Laura, he is stunned by her beauty but then he also notices that she has a positive disposition that defies the challenges that she has had to deal with.

Catherine Anderson has done a good job weaving this story together.  Isaiah is a character who is in need of someone to take care of him.  He’s like the absent minded professor, always forgetting things that need to be done when he is taking care of animal patients.

Laura, despite her disability, is organized and methodical, bright and happy.  She’s pulled herself up from a debilitating accident that would discourage any strong person and has come out shining brightly!

So Laura and Isaiah complement each other very well.  And the plot line of the story is them getting to know each other and how they complement the other.

Not only does Laura help Isaiah organize his house, she helps to organize his work.  Life becomes brighter with her around.

And of course, there is a nefarious plot that is happening as well.  There’s someone that’s sabotaging Laura and setting her up for failure.  So that is a part of the storyline as well.

Catherine Anderson does a great job of weaving these two character’s lives together.  Isaiah sees Laura for who she is underneath her disability and comes to love her.  Laura falls hard for Isaiah despite her trying to convince herself of it otherwise.

It takes a litter of puppies that lose their mother, for the two characters to really take the time to see what they can be for the other.

This is a delightful story.  Catherine Anderson goes into great detail about the condition and what kinds of limitations that Laura has.  

This is not a simple read.  Because of the condition that Laura has, the storyline is detailed and interesting.  You learn alot about it.

And because it’s a romance, there’s a sexy scene that you need to watch for.  There is only one really.  It’s sort of detailed.  Laura is a virgin in the story and their first time is not easy.  They have some bumps along the way but they figure things out!!

And it wouldn’t be a really good romance unless some of the character’s shortcomings come to light right at the end to block that “happily ever after”!!

They have a huge misunderstanding where then Isaiah must convince her that she is worth it and is exactly what he’s looking for!

So the story does end with them getting married and living happily ever after with 13 puppies!!!  Not really!!

Now it’s Tucker’s turn to have his story.  Check out Sunkissed, book 7.

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