The Missing Piece

Originally Published: 08-24-2020

The Missing Piece is a 4-book series originally published in 2019 by Sharon Sala!

Book Details

The first think you need to know is that while this series has elements of romance, very slight ones mind you, it’s classified as a suspense novel, murder thriller and a kidnapping thriller, according to Amazon!

And because she’s a master storyteller, it’s also a bestseller!!

Because this is a mystery, there’s no sexy details in it whatsoever.  You do have some, albeit small amount, of chemistry happening between the two main characters.

You can say that the romance elements are more about Charlie and his wife.  But his wife, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and is slowly slipping away, is the love of his life.  And while he loves his wife, he lives a lonely existence. 

All he does is work.

Charlie and his assistant Jane Wyrick are the main characters in this story.  But there’s more to this story than just them.  And because this isn’t a romance, the mystery is the main part of the plot line.  Charlie just plays a role beside that plot line!!

So there’s a sort of plotline behind the main plotline.  And that means that there’s a more sinister plot hanging over Charlie!!

Book Summary

Charlie Dodge is a private detective who specializes in finding missing people.  He and his assistant, Jane Wyrick, are experts at finding people who’ve disappeared.  

A very prominent and well-to-do family hired him to find their uncle.  He’s the leader of the family business and has disappeared.

Through Charlie’s expert investigating, he finds Carter Dunleavy and is told an awesome story as to why he disappeared.

And then he’s hired by this same Carter to find out who wants him dead.

What he then finds is a plot about money and who wants it bad enough to kill for it.

And Sala keeps you guessing till the very end when she reveals who the culprit is!!

And you’d never guess it.


There’s great character development through the story.  We get to see into the world of who and what Charlie is all about.  And the fun characters that are a part of that world.

And because this is a first book in the series, we have a story loop right at the end making it so that we are looking forward to the next book.  I know I am.

You can check out the next book here, Second Sight!!

Sharon Sala is a master storyteller and her writing says all that and more.  She can get away with just writing a mystery because of it.

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