Immortal Defender

Originally Published: 07-12-2018

Book Details

Immortal Defender is the 4th book in the Immortal Brotherhood Series by Lisa Hendrix.

This book is about Torvald and the woman that steals his heart.

If you familiar with the series, you know that these men are from a viking crew that was cursed with immortality as well as being turned into an animal as the sun sets and rises.

Torvald is the stallion and he’s a stallion by day and a man by night.

Ari, the raven, is his companion.  Ari is a raven by night and a man by day.  And he’s also a sorcerer so he’s trying to find ways to break the curse that was set upon them so many centuries before.

And that brings both Ari and Torvald to England in 1583 to the home of a nobleman that enables them to use his vast library to find some answers.

And it’s while residing there that Torvald meets the beautiful Josian Delamere.  She’s a widow who enjoys all the privileges of a noblewoman who’s also a widow.  She doesn’t have the same restraints as maids.

And she offers a direct invitation to Torvald to visit her at her home and her bed.

They connect deeply (which includes several sexy scenes to watch out for) and then they convince themselves that they don’t want anything more.  

But their feelings are deeper than either one of them want to admit.  So when she finds that he might be lying about who he is, she follows him and finds out more than she bargained for.

She sees him change from beast to man and flees calling him a demon.

Months later he finds out that she’s been taken captive and he blames himself for her capture as he feels he was the reason she fled back to her family.

And because he can’t just leave her there, he and his friends devise a plan to rescue her.

This is where we actually get to know more of the characters.

There were two more men that were a part of the crew that don’t make an appearance until this book.

Rorik is a huge dog by night and Kjell is a stag by day.  They have been companions since the beginning and have always stuck together.  Now in this story, they help Ari and Torvald not only rescue Josian but also make a plan to rescue her family.

During the time that they are running from those that want to recapture her, they get to know each other, albeit with some difficulty.

Josian was terrified of all of them despite the fact they rescued her.  And when he became her rescuer, she reluctantly accepts his help.  And it took a while for her to learn to trust him enough to actually listen to him to be able to hear his story.

During the time they are on the run, she witnesses their changing every dawn and dusk.  

Torvald, Ari Rorik and Kjell.  Two men and two beasts.

Kjell and Ari are their stag and raven by day.  

Torvald and Rorik are their stallion and dog by night.

These four are the ones that protect and guard Josian as they disappear in the countryside.

And while she gets to know them, so do we!  So we learn about how they were changed and the evil Cwen and more of their personalities come out as they are forced to travel in the time of Old England.

They also go by several different names as they have lived for so long and have had to become their own son, grandson, uncle in order to be able to move among the generations.

It takes time for Josian to see that they really aren’t demons, and she comes to care for them and to realize that she does love Torvald.

But she also wants to get her family out as well.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t get there in time to save her father and that sends her into a tailspin of grief.

But when she finds out that she can help Torvald break the curse, it gives her a newfound purpose and they go to an ancient magical smith whose able to forge the amulet again.

So the story does end happily ever after.  She’s able to break the curse for Torvald and give the others a great measure of hope for them finding their own loves.

You will find that there are a lot of details that happen behind the scenes of the storyline and we only read a fraction of what actually happens.

But one thing that I like about this author is that she gives us “what happened after” type of ending within the epilogue.  You get to see that they did love and live and have families.

You will find that this story leads us into more stories.  This is not the ending to this series, despite the fact that there are no more books at this time.

Ari, Brand, Jafri, Rorik, and Kjell will get their happy endings too.  But I hope that Lisa Hendrix doesn’t take another five years to come up with those stories.  

This whole series is worth reading and watching out for.  Take a look at the other books to find out Ivan’s, Steinnar’s and Gunnar’s stories in book 1, 2 and 3!!!

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