The Wilder Books by Savannah Kade

Originally Published: 08-05-2020

Book Series Summary

The Wilder Books by Savannah Kade is a contemporary romance series about the men in the band “Wilder”.

This series shows how they all find love and family.  The men are JD Hewlett, Craig Hibbets, TJ Hewlett, and Alex Beaumont

Book 1, Our Song, brings us JD and Kelsey Conklin.  He’s the backbone of the band and the one pulling them to make it work.

Book 2, Heartstrings, is about Craig and Shay Leland.

Book 3, Love Notes, is about TJ and Norah Davidson.

Book 4, Music & Lyrics, is about Alex and Mariliz Jennings.

As soon as I’ve had a chance to read more in this series, I’ll let you know how they are connected.  In the meantime, take a look at book 1, Our Song.


Love Notes

Music & Lyrics

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