The Sentinels Series

Last Published: 08-12-2018

The Sentinels Series by Alexandra Ivy is a book series about two groups of people battling to exist together.  

The first is the high-bloods, people like witches, psychics, necromancers, Sentinels, and others with paranormal abilities that are kept safe in a compound called Valhalla. 

Typically if you were born with abilities you were left for dead.  The people at Valhalla make a point to go and find those that have any of these abilities and bring them to Valhalla.  Or they find the children that have been cast off because they have abilities.  They are taken to Valhalla for safety as well as to give them a home.

The other group are normal people with no abilities called norms.

There is no background plot for the whole series, just the everyday life and death struggles of these interesting people.  So each book has it’s own plot that is solved within its pages.

The first book in this series is a novella.  Book 0.5, Out of Control, is in the anthology, Predatory.  This short story introduces the series to us and is about one of the high-bloods, Nikolo Bartrev and his lady Angela Locke.  They must save each other in order to survive!!

Book 1, Born in Blood, is about Duncan O’Conner and Callie Brown.  As a necromancer and a diviner, she’s able to access the dead and is called in when the Sergeant O’Conner needs her help.

At the end of book 1, Fane was no longer Callie’s guardian.  And he’s feeling twitchy!!  But when Serra is lured to her death, he will do nothing but go and save her in book 2, Blood Assassin.

Book 2.5, On the Hunt, an anthology.

In book 2, Bas used Serra to find his daughter, Molly.  In book 3, Blood Lust, he gets the chance to find out why Myst left Molly with him and hopefully win her heart back.

There are also several more characters that have joined the storyline along the way.  And this definitely gives Alexandra Ivy the ability to have the potential for more books to come.

There’s Wolfe, head of the Tagos.  There’s the Mave, leader of the high-bloods.  Her name Lana Mayfield.  They have something going on and need their own story.  

Some of the other Sentinels, Arel and Marco, they need their own stories too.

Don’t forget about Kaede.  As Bas’ right hand man, he’s a lethal killer, but the clues that you find out about him would make for an interesting story.

And then little Molly.  Her story would make for a good story when she’s all grown up!!

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