The Fairy Thorn

Originally Published: 08-29-2020

The Fairy Thorn is a true stand-alone novel by Dorothy Keddington.

Book Details

The Fairy Thorn was published in 2009 with this book cover.  And as it was written by a known LDS author, there aren’t any sexy details to worry about.

This book is classified as a romantic suspense novel as well as a contemporary romance.

So it’s era is based in a time that’s modern and familiar.  You will find tho that there’s no internet or such as it was written and published long before that stuff.

I found this book on Kindle Unlimited, so if you subscribe to that, you’ll be able to read this without spending any more.

This is a full length novel that isn’t tied to any book series.  This author hasn’t written any book series, so there’s no more to find.

I imagine that this book would be published in the larger print size that her other books were published in.

This story is written in first person.  And for someone that has read a ton of stories, this is a well-written first person narrative.  Keddington does a great job of making the story not be like others that are also written in first person.

Book Summary

Not only is this a romance but it’s also a story about how a character finds their true self.

Lucy Norris is a boring librarian in a small town doing the same thing over and over again.  Or so she thinks!!

She craves to have an adventure and some excitement.  But she didn’t expect what she got.

In a moment of spontaneity, she watches a schooner ship come into shore and she feels like a corner has been turned.

And because it’s a wonderfully put together story, the man she saw on the ship is the son of the owner of the house that she caretakes!!

And that’s only the beginning.

As she’s embroiled into the issues that he has to deal with, Lucy battles between which persona she is as she gets to know Duncan Alexander.

You see, Lucy started a journal pretending to be someone else who was brave and easily took risks.  And Duncan found this journal and wanted to meet this Bronwyn.

As she helps Duncan find and help his sister, she battles between who she is and what she’s capable of.

Duncan has come to find his sister Caroline.  He knows that she’s hurting and might be in danger.  When she married Marius, he knew that something was wrong.  As he’s a ship captain, he’s not around a whole lot and has finally come to see what she meant by the note she sent.

What he finds is a man that will do anything to keep the world that he’s created, even if that means destroying his only sister.

Between the two of them, Lucy and Duncan, come up with an elaborate plan to whisk Caroline away from her dangerous husband.

And it’s during those escapades that Lucy realizes that she is Bronwyn, on the inside and that Duncan is the man for her.

Their courtship is wrapped around the events and circumstances that it takes to rescue Caroline.  And they both fall for each other.

There’s no sexual language or talk or thinking that happens in today’s romances, instead there’s language of devotion and commitment.

And it does end happily ever after, albeit, in a different way than I thought.

They pledge their lives to each other and even get married, and Caroline is rescued, even though her life is in shambles!


I enjoyed this story.  I’ve enjoyed anything written by Dorothy Keddington.  She has a way of writing, even in first person, which I happen to loath, that makes you feel like you’re going on the adventure with the characters.

Her descriptions and dialogue are enjoyable and interesting.  Her character development is compelling and engaging.  You felt like you were up on that bridge with Lucy watching that ship dock right along with her.

This is a memorable and touching story that I will read again and again.

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