Ranger Bear: Riley

Originally Published: 04-21-2019

Book Summary

Ranger Bear: Riley is the 4th book in the Silvertip Shifters Series by JK Harper.

This book follows books 2 and 3 in time frame and events.

But this one is also filled with alot of backstory that we get to know Riley and who he is and what he’s had to go thru.

And it’s that past that plays a huge part in the storyline and in how the author has formatted the plot.

You see, Riley’s first mate was killed by shifter hunters.  And at the telling of this story, even though it’s been 10 years since her death, he’s still craving revenge and solace for his soul and for his young children.  

So Riley’s personality, all aspects of, has been shaped by this tragic event that happened.  He’s cautious of everyone new coming in to Deep Hallow.  He doesn’t trust very easily.  His bear is still wild and needing the space to run and breathe.  He’s intensely protective of his children. 

So as a park ranger (also why the book is called Ranger Bear), he’s able to allow his bear the ability to run for hours at a time and not hurt anybody.

But he’s still must live for his two young children that are the center of his life.

So he’s taught himself different things to help himself different methods of meditation and control.

But when he meets Marisa, he can sense the wildness in her that is threatening to break free.  And she can sense the same in him.

Marisa had been forced to become a shifter and then was forced to change Haley’s ex.  So there’s a whole lot of back story to her as well.

And at first, she has no desire to live.  She doesn’t like the wild “bad kitty” that she has inside of her.  She turns into a mountain lion.

As Riley and Marisa spend time together they find that they can help each other tame their wildness and find something they are both looking for.

So the majority of the story is them getting to know each other.   And that does include a sexy scene or two that you need to be aware of.  And yes, there are details.  You will find though, that they just spend time together, along with the kids, getting to know each other.  And each of them learning to trust and love again as they share their stories with each other.

You will find though that this story does have a bunch of the other characters come back into play as they all pool around Marisa to help and support her.

But this story is also about the outcast shifters and the agenda that they have.  This leads us to Marisa’s brother, Derek and the part that he plays.

Okay I won’t give you spoilers this time.  But know that Riley finally gets his own closure about his first mate and what happened with her.

And Marisa is able to move on from being an outcast and come to belong to this bear clan and comes to enjoy being alive and loved.

And how that will lead us into book 5, Hotshot Bear: Slade, I don’t know!! 

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