No Place to Run

Originally Published: 02-20-2018

Book Summary

No Place to Run is the 2nd book in the KGI Series by Maya Banks.

This is Sam Kelly’s story.  He is the oldest of the Kelly brothers and him and Garrett are instrumental in making their family into the KGI Group.

This is also Sophie Lundgren’s story.  Her and Sam had a brief affair while they both where basically undercover.  And their night left forever consequences.

But they both have issues that have to be dealt with.  Sam, as a part of the soon to be KGI Group, is tasked with finding individuals that they are paid to find.  

And Sophie is running from the men in her father’s organization.  She made a point to put a major dent in his organization and has been on the run ever since.  But now that she is more than 5 months pregnant, she knows that she needs help.  She no longer has any place to run.  

So she heads to the Kelly compound.  Due to some trouble that she ran into along the way, she doesn’t make it to the front door.  They pull her from the water floating on a log with injuries that makes things difficult.

What follows is a “show me I can trust you” kind of story.  With too many unanswered questions, Sam is very leery about trusting Sophie.

In the end, they both go to great lengths to prove to the other that not only can they trust each other, but that they are committed to each other.

It’s an intense, riveting story.  Filled with action from beginning to end.  Their relationship is explosive and poignant.  And there are many sexy details to worry about, in several scenes.  

This story is a great continuation to the whole Kelly family saga.  This is the beginning of the intense changes that they make in order to protect the whole family.  They build a compound that houses not only each of the families, but also the teams that are a part of the KGI Group.

Many of the characters play a part in this book.  You meet all the brothers and several of the members of the teams that later have their own stories.  Maya Banks does a good job of making each character different and unique.

Her story writing is compelling and captivating.  It’s a fast paced storyline that is definitely worth checking out!

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