Blade of Darkness

Last Published: 08-22-2019

Book Summary

Blade of Darkness is the 7th book in the Immortal Guardians Series by Dianne Duvall!!

This story is about Aidan O’Byrne.  He’s one of the really old guardians.  And he’s one of the funny ones!!

In one the past books, he made a point to find a list of potential gifted ones that could possibly become his chosen one!!  And this book takes that list to the next level!!

First a few details.

This book is printed bigger than a pocket book and is almost 400 pages long.  So this particular story is a lengthy one.  We see all of the returning characters again by the end of the story as they battle things out throughout the storyline.

Aidan’s character is a really loveable character.  But he’s lonely so he’s taken steps to rectify that.  He takes this list of gifted females and arranges to happen to meet up with them. 

And at first, it seems to be working. 

But then others get wind to what he’s doing and not only does he become the laughing stock of the Immortals but another sinister plot starts against him. 

If you remember Gershom.  He’s the one gathering that army.  He finds that list too and because he has the ability to shape shift, he impersonates being Aidan. 

Sorry, spoilers!!! 

And this causes a ton of infighting to happen. 

Meanwhile, Aidan has decided to take himself to a psychic to really find out if he can help himself and finds the lady of his dreams.  Literally!! 

Dana Pembroke is a strong psychic that can see visions of people’s past, present and sometimes future when she touches them.  So this makes for an interesting connection when her and Aidan really come together. 

You see, he can do all sorts of things.  He’s telekinetic, telepathic, can teleport, runs super fast, and can heal with his hands.  He can also see what she sees when she touches him. 

So the for the majority of the story, it’s these two getting to know each other.   And then she’s dropped into the Immortal Guardians world.  She’s forced to see and learn about who and what he is really quickly and try to understand. 

But this book is also about their lives, some of the vampires and guardians and what they have to deal with on a daily basis. So this book is a great continuation to the rest of the series. 

You get to know Aidan and Dana really well and get to enjoy their budding romance as well as see and enjoy the others that they come into contact with. 

You will also see that there is heartache and loss as well too. 

There was a battle where Stanislav and Yuri were lost and they don’t know the fate of Stan.  And this leads us right into book 8, Awaken the Darkness, where we find out what happened to Stan. 

Now this book does end happily and all that but there is so much more that happens in this series that I cannot do it justice here on a single page.  You need to read the book to fully understand what I mean by that. 

Dianne Duvall does a great job of adding so many well-written characters and a really complicated plot line, that you have to really read and reread the story to fully get it all!!  So pls take the time to read this story and maybe go back and read the beginning of this series to know what’s been happening.  Enjoy!!

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