The Officer’s Promise

Originally Published: 08-23-2017

Book Summary

The Officer’s Promise by K. Langston is the 1st book in the Brothers in Blue Series.

This book is also a novella.

This series is about the six Cunningham brothers.  Each hold a different badge in the law.

So far there are only 3 books in this series.

I couldn’t find a website for this author, so here is her Facebook page!

This is Ryker’s story.  He’s a cop.

Ryker and his partner have been going to West Side Deli for lunch almost every day when he spots the perfect woman.

And something seems familiar about her.

When he finally introduces himself, he finds that she’s the MaryAnn Glover from his youth.  His first kiss.  The first girl he ever loved.

And she’s harboring a secret.  

As she’s married, he knows she’s off limits, but he can still tell that something is wrong. And when he gets a call for a domestic disturbance, he’s shocked to see the condition that she’s in. 

Because he once loved her, he can’t walk away.

Because he just might love her still, he can’t walk away.

This story is a novella, so it’s short and sweet.  Can be read in a couple of hours.  But the story is about domestic abuse.

While the author put some thought into the story, it was too short to really build the characters along with the solutions to their problem.  This would have been better if there was more to the story making it into a full length novel.  She got over the abuse too fast and she connected with Ryker too soon despite the fact she knows him from her youth.

This author writers in alternating first person so you see things from both Ryker’s and MaryAnn’s points of view.  There’s also crude language both in the love scenes and as part of their lifestyle.

The author also has quite detailed sex scenes.  Too much for me!

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