Honor Bound

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

Book Summary

Honor Bound is the last book (book 6) in the Montana Hamiltons Series.

This is Ainsley Hamilton and Sawyer Nash’s story.

Sawyer is a cop who is on medical leave.  He’s a friend to Frank Curry, the sheriff.  Frank asks him to watch Ainsley as she came to him telling him that there is someone stalking her.

Nobody believes Ainsley.  Frank does.  That’s why he called Sawyer in.

Sawyer gets a job as an extra in the production company that Ainsley works for.  He doesn’t tell her who he is or why he’s there.

Ainsley is a location scout for the production company.  She finds adequate locations for the company to shoot their commercials.

And someone has been following her for months. 

As Sawyer gets to know Ainsley, he sees that she is not cold-hearted like everyone says she is.  He actually comes to like all the different facets of her personality.  After a time, he knows that he needs to tell her who he is and what he is doing there.


Not only does she have a stalker that is getting braver and braver, he has an ex (who happens to be undercover at the same production company) that is making things difficult for him.  Kitzie doesn’t want him to be happy.  

Then there’s all the stuff happening with the presidential campaign and her mother Sarah.  

This makes for interesting drama.

The story line was easy and keeps you entertained.  I found a hole or two in the plot line which made it hard to read.  (I don’t like holes in plot lines!!)  But you did find out what Frank and his wife Lynette are doing.  And Kitzie shapes up and lets Sawyer be so he can be with Ainsley.

So the story does end.  All the points in the plot get resolved.  And the bad guy is killed.  

Okay, both bad guys get killed and the story has a happily ever after.

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