All that Glitters

Originally Published: 03-07-2018

Book Summary

All that Glitters by Diana Palmer is a stand-alone book that doesn’t belong to any book series. 

This is the book cover for the 2018 re-issue of All that Glitters.

This book was first published in 1995 under the name of Susan Kyle. (Source).  Take a look at the book cover below.

Because it was published in 1995, the dialogue and the characters have a 80s/90s feel to them.

So while this book is listed as a contemporary romance, it’s storyline is not a modern 21st Century romance.

This story is about Ivory Keene and Curry Kells.

Ivory grew up dirt poor.  But she has big dreams and a plan.  After winning a designing competition and landing a job at Kells-Meredith Inc., a prestigious fashion house in New York, she completely reinvents herself.

She reinvents herself also because of her conniving and manipulative mother.

Curry Kells plans on making Kells-Meredith the next big fashion house.  But he has humble roots and recognizes talent when he sees it.

They fall for each other pretty quickly.  But because of the lies that she has told and the contradictions that Curry keeps finding, he is still wary about a few things.

So when her mother comes to town to take her share of Ivory’s success, everyone believes the lies and stories that her mother tells, including Curry.

And like a good romance, the main character finds out what really happened and then has to fix it.

Curry finds out that her mother really is the manipulative person that she is and that she used the company credit card to her advantage.  And he realizes that Ivory is nothing like her mother and that he read the situation completely wrong.

He then helps Ivory with her mother and then they live happily ever after!!!

So the storyline a completely typical romance story.  Which isn’t bad.  It is a good story.  And it’s well written. 

Yes, there are sexy scenes to watch for.  They are detailed but not as detailed as they could have been.  The fact that it is a book written in 1995 makes a difference in the amount of details included.

Diana Palmer does a good of keeping you pealed to the page until the end so that you can see that Ivory gets justice from her mother–finally and that she ends up with Curry and that they live happily ever after.

Is it a book I would read again and again?  Probably not, but it was still a good story!

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