Born in Blood

Last Published: 08-07-2018

Born in Blood is the 1st book in the Sentinels Series by Alexandra Ivy!!

This series is about a group of men and women with paranormal abilities.  They are battling humans that want to destroy them but also high-bloods that have gone rogue.

The men and women that have paranormal abilities are called high-bloods.  High-bloods are psychics, necromancers, witches and sentinels.  They take refuge in a domed city called Valhalla.

The humans that have no paranormal abilities are called norms.

This story is about Duncan O’Conner and Callie Brown.

He’s a police sergeant.  She’s a necromancer, a diviner that can speak to the dead.

She’s called in to “read” the mind of a dead victim.  And because the victim has no wounds.  The heart was the only think taken.  Duncan insists that he’s part of any investigating that she does.

Each high-blood has a Sentinel as a bodyguard.  Callie’s bodyguard is Fane.  He gets his own story in book 2.  

So Duncan and Fane work together to protect Callie from a powerful necromancer who wants to take control of the world. 

As they race to find out answers as to what’s happening and who’s behind it, Callie and Duncan explore the intense attraction that they feel for each other.  

And what they find out is astonishing, especially for Callie.

So then the story is filled with fantastical creatures with abilities to do many things.

Monks in monasteries that keep track of amazing records.  Creatures that can change into whatever they can.  Sentinels that can teleport them across the world.

As they are racing to find out who’s behind the dead bodies that have no hearts, they find a necromancer that is planning on taking over the world.

But he wants to take over Valhalla first.

What the bad guy didn’t anticipate was the strength that Callie had.

And with the help of Duncan and the other Sentinels, they are able to defeat Zak and destroy the witch.  But not without realizing that there are some major deficiencies in their systems.

So of course, the story ends happily ever after.

There was no other plotline to indicate a background plot for the whole series, so book 2, Blood Assassin, is about Fane.  Duncan became not only lover and husband, he’s also Callie’s guardian Sentinel.

So that leaves Fane on his own!!  Check out his story!

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