New Leaf

Originally Published: 03-06-2018

New Leaf by Catherine Anderson
Book 2

New Leaf is the 2nd book in Catherine Anderson’s new Mystic Creek Series

This series, so far, is about the Sterling Family that lives and works in Mystic Creek, Oregon.  It’s a small, little town in the middle of nowhere.

New Leaf is about Barney Sterling and Taffeta Brown.

Book Summary

Barney is the local lawman in this little town.  So he knows everybody!  And watches out for everybody.

Taffeta opened a nutritional store and has been doing her best to not be noticed.  So she dresses shabbily and pulls her hair back.

But when Barney gets a call about someone’s loud music, the last thing he expected is to see a beautiful woman dancing in her window.

He confronts Taffeta and finds out that she is basically in hiding.  And when she gives him a proposition, he is nothing short of astonished.

You see, Taffeta is in hiding.  She lost her daughter to her ex-husband, who happens to be a snake, and she is rebuilding her life so that she can get custody again.

When she propositions Barney, she is doing it only out of desperation.  Her daughter is in an impossible situation and she fears for her safety.

After Barney does some of his own digging, he finds that Taffeta was telling the truth and even agrees to her idea.

So the majority of the story is about them getting to know each other.  And them fighting their immense attraction that they feel towards each other.

At first, they are good at fighting their attraction while putting on a show in order to make them appear to be a couple.  So there is one scene to be aware of and a couple of sort of scenes.

As times goes by, they realize that they actually really do love each other.  And they must work together if they are going to help her daughter, Sarah heal from the trauma that she has endured at the hands of her father.

It’s a story of love and healing.  That one can fight for what you want even though the odds are against you.

This book is a full-length novel with no cliffhanger.  There’s a bit of language to be aware of but not a lot.  It’s more along the lines of them teaching what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to young Sarah.  The story is an tender and enjoyable read from Catherine Anderson.

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