Blue Skies

Originally Published: 05-03-2018

Book Summary

Blue Skies is the 4th book in the Kendrick Coulter Harrigan Series by Catherine Anderson.

This book is also A Coulter Family Novel as the main character is a Coulter.

This is Hank Coulter’s and Carly Adams’ story.

Hank works with his brother Jake (book 3) working with horses on the Lazy J.  

Carly is a lady he meets one night at the bar.  And they have an encounter that leaves them with forever consequences.  And in her case, there is a lot more that happens.

This story is filled with a lot of background information that helps you to understand what these characters are up against.

Carly was born blind and had surgery to restore her sight just before this story begins.  Hank is prowling the bars looking for a woman, and when he sees Carly, he immediately sets his sights on her.  And in one drunken moment, he takes her virginity, leaves her pregnant and jeopardizes her health. 

When Carly realizes that she is pregnant, she knows that she needs to let Hank know.  She doesn’t want to but she does.

Hank feels horrible for how he treated her.  So when she contacts him, he knows that he must make it up to her.

What follows is a story where both characters go thru some major issues to learn what they need to know about each other.  And they go thru some challenges to get there.

Carly has lattice dystrophy, an eye disease that causes blindness.  In Carly’s case she was also born blind.

So learning to read, to recognize letters and colors is a part of the storyline.  Learning how and what is needed for a blind person is talked about. 

And of course, there is the human elements of how a blind person relates to love and life.  And all the characteristics that go along with it.  In this case of how Carly was hurt so badly before and how that affected her in this new relationship that she has with Hank.

Catherine Anderson has done a beautiful job of sharing all sorts of details about life as a blind person with these kinds of difficulties.  You can tell she has done some intense research to make them accurate.

So just like her book, Phantom Waltz, where the main character also has a disability, this story is definitely worth check out too.

What’s fun is that you also get to see how some of the previous characters are dong.  Ryan and Bethany, Molly and Jake, as well as parents play a role in this storyline.

This whole series is definitely worth reading!

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