A Sorceress of His Own

Last Published: 09-03-2019

Book Summary

A Sorceress of His Own is the 1st book in the Gifted Ones Series by Dianne Duvall.

This is the book that inspired the Immortal Guardians Series!  So there’s some overlap of characters that appear in this story that are in that series.  Fun huh!!!

You’ll find that this story is classified as a medieval historical romance as well as an ancient world romance.  Needless to say, it’s a historical romance with a bit of paranormal mixed in!!

This story is about Alyssa and Dillon.

Alyssa is a gifted one that can heal with her hands, among a few other things.  She’s from a family that helps others.  And because this story is based in the 11th century, there are fanatical feelings that happen during this timeframe that play a part of the plotline.

And who and what Alyssa is is a healer!  

She takes her grandmother’s place as counsellor, guide, mentor to the fearsome Lord Dillon.  Although at first, he doesn’t know that she’s young.  He assumes that she’s old, as she’s always worn a cowl to cover her face.

It’s when Dillon is gravely injured and Alyssa heals him.  Only to take on his injuries herself.  He then finds out that she’s younger and beautiful and everything that he’s been looking for.

This also brings in her family as Seth, the leader of the Immortal Guardians, gathers them all to heal her from the brink of death.

And the plot thickens!!

You see, Alyssa took her grandmother’s place because she always loved Dillon.  And after her youth is revealed, Dillon realizes his feelings for her as well.

Now I found that the sexy scenes were more for a modern story than a historical.  They are detailed but can be skipped if that’s what you do.

So as Dillon starts to get to know the real Alyssa, the fall for each other.  And he vows that he’ll figure a way for them to be together.  As he’s nobility and she’s not.

And of course there’s a plot out to get Dillon.  And that where the injuries and the action throughout the story come into play.

It’s an interesting story.  And it ends HEA!!

Lots of things happen that are against them but in the end they find a way to be together.  And she’s able to be herself and not be covered up.

We also get to know Seth a bit in this book.  His role is small but significant.  He’s the one to aid Alyssa when she really needs it.  We also see Marcus, from Night Reigns, book 2 in Immortal Guardians Series!!

This story does lead us into book 2, Rendezvous with Yesterday, where we find out Robert’s story.  

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