Darkness Dawns

Last Published: 09-21-2020

Book Summary

Darkness Dawns is the 1st book in the Immortal Guardians Series by Dianne Duvall!!

And if you have found this one and are starting to read, you need to read the whole series in order to understand the back story that’s happening in this series!!

Book 1 starts out with Sarah Bingham vacationing in a remote cabin.  She didn’t expect to hear from anyone but when she finds a man staked to the ground, she doesn’t realize how much her life will change.

Roland Warbrook is the man that’s staked to the ground.  Some vampires staked him to the ground to allow him to burn in the sun.  So he’s sizzling – literally!!

She rescues him and then helps him to fight off the vampires that put him there.

Roland can heal with his hands and is a healer among the Guardians.  But he’s also a loner.  He has been burned by betrayal and has isolated himself.  He trusts no one, until Sarah.  She shows him another way to live.

She’s the first human to choose to become infected with the virus.  She only survives because she’s a gifted one.  

You’re introduced to a ton of characters!!

Seth and David are the self-appointed leaders/caretakers of the Immortal Guardians.  But they are not infected with the virus.  Seth is an “Other”.  He’s part of a group that should be just watching and observing the humans.  Seth defected from this group millennia ago and has been taking care of the Guardians ever since.  David is his second and just as powerful as Seth!

Seth is the eldest and most powerful.  He has mastered his skills and there is none better.  He can fly with beautiful wings.  He’s telepathic and can kill with just a thought!  He can also heal with his hands.  

He has been locating the gifted ones and bringing them into the fold so they can learn how to be immortal and how to fight.

Okay, there are a bunch of other characters.  There’s the seconds to all guardians.

This one leads right into book 2!

There was sexy content to either skip or not.  It wasn’t crudely done so it fit with the plot line!  

This one is definitely a great start to a new series!!

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