Lover Mine

Originally Published: 09-08-2018

Book Summary

Lover Mine is the 8th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward.

This book is a long awaited story of John Matthew.

If you’ve been reading this series in order, you’ll have been reading all about the who and why of who John Matthew is from book 2 when Beth and Mary found him all alone.

And in each book, you find out more about John.  And us readers know that he is Darius reincarnated!!

Now by book 8, John has gone through so much.  So much.

And now as this book starts, he’s in the fight of his life because at the end of book 7, Lover Avenged, his female, Xhex was taken by Lash.

And even though they had not officially come together, they are together and that’s what this story is about.

But when you start reading this particular book, you find that there are several stories that are happening simultaneously.  And you don’t find out why these other stories are happening in the story until the very end when you get some major shockers!

First, there’s flashbacks of when Darius found Tohrment and became his whard.  This is an interesting part.  Darius takes him under his wing and shows him the ropes when his own father basically disowns him.  So we find out more of where he came from and his whys.

You’ll find Tohr’s story coming up in book 10, Lover Reborn.

Darius was asked to figure out the disappearance of a daughter of worth.  And in that investigation, we find out that she’s been kidnapped by a symphath.  And that leads to an unwanted young.

And because of the customs of the characters, this female takes her own life instead of living with the fact that her young is different and she’s been defiled.  This part is a sad tale.  But it’s so interesting how it’s connected to Xhex’s and John’s story.

It’s also interesting because they speak a really old English that you have to pay attention to to really understand.  JR Ward does a good job of this part!!

Next we read about this film crew that have come to this ancient mansion to find out about this ghost that haunts it.  And they are part of the tv show, Paranormal Investigators.  And this is left totally open for more to come as Xhex recognizes that this is her old friend and lover Muhrder at the end of the book. 

But the majority of the story is about John and the turmoil that he’s in because Xhex is gone.  And he has no idea what she’s being subjected to.

And at first he thinks that Lash is impotent because the other lessers are, but when he finds out that he’s not and Xhex has been assaulted and tortured and he’s tormented.

Now you need to know that John is mute.  He can hear, but he can’t speak.  And that makes it difficult for all those around him.  During the course to the storyline, all those around him have learned sign language and then so must Xhex.

And Xhex is a symphath so she has some skills that allow her to be able to “hear” others emotions.  That helps as they are really getting to know each other.

Xhex is able to get free and then John is the one that finds her.  And then they begin their tumultuous relationship.  They’ve had a few encounters that haven’t been all good and have been walking around each other. 

But now that she’s been found, he knows that he can’t leave her.

You also get to know each of the brothers as well.  

Qhuinn and Blay play a huge role in this story.  And things are not going well with them.  You see them both struggling and fighting their feelings for each other.  They will get their own story in Lover at Last!

Tohr makes an appearance too.  He’s still tormented by the death of this shellan, but he also realizes that John has been affected by her death as well and he needs to take notice of that.  They have a really emotional scene at the end where they really connect!

Now we see each of the brothers to some extent in the book.  And we see that they all are trying to make this life work.  And how each of them are doing with their issues and how they are growing.

We also get to know more about Payne.  She’s V’s sister and has been basically frozen for forever.  And now that their world is changing, the Scribe Virgin has freed her and by the end of the story, she’s allowed to come to the other side. 

Her story is up next in book 9, Lover Unleased!

Now you need to know that while this is a really well written story and the story is compelling and so interesting, the characters swear… a lot.

They use swearing in every aspect of the English language that you can think of.  Yes, there are sexy scenes as well, and they are detailed but the swearing can be overwhelming to those that don’t like it.

This story is a great addition to the series.  I enjoyed finally finding out about John Matthew and Xhex.

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