The Shadow Rider Series

Last Published: 08-26-2017

Book Series Summary

Christine Feehan has come out with a new series (as of June 2016) called the Shadow Series.  

This one is about a huge family that can ride the shadows.  It is a really interesting idea, to be able to ride shadows!!  

They are assassins that protect the innocent from those that slip through the law or take advantage of those beneath them.  

Stephano is the oldest with 4 brothers (Giovannai, Ricco, Vittorio, and Taviano) and 1 sister (Emmanuella).  They are all really close together.  

There are also countless cousins that pop up in the story.  Some are mentioned by name, while others are mentioned in passing.  

There is the potential of many more books to come for this series.

So far, I’ve only read the first 2 books in this series.

Book 1, Shadow Rider, is Stephano Ferraro and Francesca Capello’s story.

Book 2, Shadow Reaper, is Ricco Ferraro and Mariko Majo’s story.

Book 3, Shadow Keeper, is about Giovanni Ferraro and Sasha Provis.

Book 4, Shadow Warrior, is about Vittorio Ferraro and Grace Murphy.

Book 5, Shadow Flight, is about Taviano Ferraro and Nicoletta Gomex.

Book 6, Shadow Storm, is about Emmanuelle and Val.

Book 7, Shadow Fire, is about Elie Archambault and Brielle Couture.

Book 8, Shadow Dance, is about Geno Ferraro and Amaranthe Aubert

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Shadow Keeper

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