Nobody But You

Originally Published: 10-09-2020

Nobody but You is the 4.5th book in the Callaways Series by Barbara Freethy.  This one happens to be a Callaway wedding novella!!

Remember that this series is about the Callaway family, all 8 kids!!

Book Details

Nobody but You is a sweet and short novella that shares the wedding of Emma and Max.

But things don’t go well, so there’s also exciting things that happen and another’s romance as well.

As a novella, there’s only right around 120pages.  So things happen quickly throughout the plotline.

There’s not a lot of room for any extras or fluffy language due to the size of story.

Book Summary

On the way to the wedding, Max and his brother, Spencer, stop at the bank to exchange some money for Max’s honeymoon.

While they’re there, the bank gets robbed.  And in the process, Max gets shot and his life is on the line as the bank robbers don’t want to help him at all.  

As luck would have it, another of the patrons of the bank just happens to be a nurse and she offers her aide.

But she comes with her own demons/issues.

She bravely puts them aside and helps Spencer with Max and encourages him to hang on.  And then they decide that they need to do something drastic to not only help themselves but mostly to help Max.  He’s not going to make it unless he’s gets to a hospital.

Spencer and Hallie Cooper hit it off despite the horrible situation.  They get to know each other really quickly and really well because of the dangerous situation.

And together they make a scene and force the bank robber’s hands!

And of course, it ends happy and they’re all safe and Max gets to the hospital and the robbers get put in jail.

There’s also a lead onto the next story where we see more of Sean’s story which is coming up next in book 5, All A Heart Needs.


This is literally just a short story about Max’s and Emma’s wedding day.  And with Max getting stuck in a bank that’s being robbed, only makes for an interesting story.

It’s short, fun and entertaining.

It’s one event that happens in the lives of the Callaways.  Yes, we do see that it’s tied to the others with characters and fits right in the flow of the whole story line.

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