The Section 8 Series by Author Stephanie Tyler

Originally Published: 09-02-20017

About the Author

Stephanie Tyler is a writer that dabbles in contemporary, adult, and suspenseful stories.  She has quite a few book series to her name, but I’ve only read these ones.  

Her story lines are compelling, interesting and definitely the type that can keep you up late reading.  

Her loves scenes are a medium to low level.  The scenes are not overpowering nor extremely detailed.  They fit in the story line nicely.

She has done a marvelous job organizing her website.  Check it out her site for a full list of her books.  She has a ton more books than I haven’t had the chance to read yet.  I like what she says about herself on her about page. 

Section 8 Series


The Section 8 Series starts with Dare O’Rourke in book 1, Surrender.  He is the son of one of the original special ops men and women that started the team Section 8 or S8.

Dare doesn’t want to start up the group again but someone is after him and his half-sister, Avery.  They both know that they will not be safe until the person is destroyed.  Their idea is to kidnap the daughter of the man that is after them.  

Grace Powell is that daughter, but she doesn’t want to go back and help her father.  She wants to help destroy him.  She teams up with Dare, Avery, Key, Jem, and Gunner.

It’s a well written story and a great beginning to a book series.


Book 2, Unbreakable, moves onto Gunner.  He happens to be Rip’s son.  Didn’t see that one.  Gunner past is filled with terrorists and guns and killing.  Not much of a childhood.  He was sold as a youth to Drew Landon.  And after the ending scene in book 1, Drew comes looking for Gunner again to force him to be his top assassin again.  

Avery goes looking for him and has to convince him that he is not a product of his upbringing.  I liked this story the best.  


Book 3, Fragmented, tells Jem’s and Drea’s story.  She was injured at the end of Unbreakable, and had lost her memory.  Jem puts her somewhere safe for a time but then has to have her come with him because her guard was attacked.  The S8 team is now fighting bad guys and using the money Grace  inherited from Rip.

Drea goes with the team, feels a bit out of place, but ends up getting her memory back.  It’s kinda cheezy but still a good story.  The ending is still HEA but Jem makes sure that Drea understands what she is in for.  That’s what makes it interesting.

The book series is left completely open for more books.  And I hope Key gets his story.  And Ethan gets his too.  I’m looking forward to more of this book series.

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