Lone Rider

Originally Published: 08-26-2017

Book Summary

Lone Rider is the 2nd book in the Montana Hamiltons Series.  

This series is about the 6 daughters of Sarah and Buckmaster Hamilton.

This story is about Bo Hamilton and Jace Calder.

There is a background plot going on in the whole series, but this particular book barely touches on any of it.  Having said that, there is more than one story going on in the book.

The first story is about Bo.  She is the second oldest and is just as independent as the rest of the girls.  

She was put in charge of the Sarah Hamilton Foundation.  She took care of the money side of things.  But lately she has been noticing some discrepancies in the numbers and it has left her worried enough that she has called an independent auditor to check things out.

She heads into the mountains for some me-time to clear her head and try to figure out what could be going on.

This is where the story gets interesting.  She is all alone in the mountains (the locals call the mountains “The Crazies”) not expecting to see anyone.  But she happens upon a small fire that looks abandoned and she can’t just leave it.  As she approaches the fire, she is grabbed by a sinister looking man.  She recognizes him to be the escaped convict, Raymond Spencer.  He takes her captive as he’s running from the law.

Then there’s the story around Emily Calder.  She is the little sister to Jace Calder.  She is the one that asks Jace to go after Bo despite the difficulties that he has had with Bo.    Emily is getting to know Alex Ross, the local cafe owner.  But she’s got a stalker that she didn’t know about.

Jace packs up and heads out not knowing what to expect.  Especially when he and Bo were once an item.  They had had harsh words and hard feeling kept them apart.

Then you read more about Frank Curry and his wife Lynette.  She is the biggest gossip around but she always seems to know details about the cases that he is dealing with.  And she is good at solving them.

Then you read a bit about Sarah Hamilton.  She has just showed up after being gone for 22years and even she doesn’t know what to think about her memory loss and what she should be feeling.  There is no more additional details that come out about her in this book.

Buckmaster is still married to Angeline.  But he’s having many conflicting doubts and emotions that he doesn’t know what to do with.  You get to know a bit of Angeline and Buckmaster as they weather Bo being kidnapped and then going back into campaigning for the presidency.

You also meet Brody, who happens to be Jace’s best friend.  He is the main character in book 4, Hard Rain.

So all these little stories are going on in this one story.  One does not stand out over another.  The only story that is resolved is Bo’s kidnapping.

Of course, Jace finds her.  Rescues her and they both manage to kill the bad guy.  All the while mending their feelings and coming back together.  (I love happily ever afters!!!)

None of the other stories are resolved.

Okay, I liked the story.  It was an easy read.  I finished it in one night.  Was it a story that I’ll remember for a long time?  No, it wasn’t. 

But the book was well written.  It fits with all the other books in the series. 

You definitely have to finish the whole series to find out what happens with Sarah and the plot around her.

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