Bright Eyes

Originally Published: 05-03-2018

Book Summary

Bright Eyes is the 5th book in the Kendrick Coulter Harrigan Series by Catherine Anderson.

This brings us Zeke Coulter’s story.  He’s the second oldest in the Coulter family and has taken over the ranch supply store that several of the brothers have owned and operated

He’s a determined bachelor until he meets Natalie Patterson.  

When her son Charlie vandalizes his place, he makes a point to become his friend.  And even Natalie’s could use a someone in her corner.

So the story is a get-to-know-you type of story.  As Zeke gets to know Charlie and Nattie, he sees a beautiful woman and a young boy that needs a friend.

As he gets to know their situation, he becomes their champion.

Natalie is divorcee dealing with an absent father to her young son Charlie.  His issues become part of the story.

She is also a singer. 

So most of the story is Zeke helping both Natalie and Charlie to lift and encourage them and forming a bond with each of them.  And in the process the comes to fall in love with all of them.  He falls for Natalie pretty fast and comes to the decision that he is all in and makes his intentions known.

Zeke sneaks into Natalie’s room several times and so there’s a couple of scenes to be aware of but there are not many details to skip over.  

The story is filled with great characters that are fun to get to love and enjoy.

It’s fun to get to know Natalie’s mom and dad along with the grandfather.  Great characters.

But I think the greatest character is little Rosie.  She’s a percocious 4yr old with an amazing command of English for such a young age.  She’s an adorable character that’s so fun to get to know.

But then the story takes an interesting turn.  The ex-husband, Robert, is found dead and Natalie is the prime suspect.  The sheriff is determined to convict Natalie so Zeke takes it upon himself to find out who could have possibly done it.

So throughout the story Zeke is helping Natalie in many ways.  Not only in finding who the killer really is but also in helping her in her business to be successful.

Then he sticks by her when she is questioned and she comes to realize that he is one that she can count on.

This whole story is a real feel good type of story.   A story where you get to know a whole bunch of awesome characters written into a well-written plotline.

Please note the book cover at the top of the page is the original book cover issued in 2004.

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