Lover Eternal

Originally Published: 08-19-2018

Book Summary

Lover Eternal is the 2nd book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by JR Ward.

This story picks up right after book 1 in timeline and in storyline, but now it’s from Rhage’s viewpoint instead of Wrath’s.

So while this story is mostly about Rhage and Mary Luce, this story is also about the others in the brotherhood as well. 

And while not all of the  characters play a huge part in the storyline, most of them do make an appearance and play some part.

Rhage is best buddies with Vishous and Butch (the human) and help him when he beasts out.

But when he meets Mary Luce things seem to change for him.

At first she comes because she wants to help a young vampire named John Matthew, but when Rhage senses her, he’s captivated.

And despite the fact that he’s told to wipe her memories and leave her be, he can’t.  

And that causes a rift between him and all of the others.  To the point that he has to make amends to them and to the Scribe Virgin.  This is a tough scene.  Tough to read, must have been tough to write!

Mary gets caught up in the whole brotherhood and lessers mess to the point that Rhage feels that he needs to protect her and takes her to the super secret compound that has been designed for them to live, work and exist in.

And it’s there that things develop between them to the point that they bond on a primal level.  

And this includes sexy scenes that do have many details in them.  

But the story doesn’t stay with just Mary and Rhage.  You get to know all of the brotherhood throughout the story.

John Matthew (who is the reincarnated Darius) moves in with Tohr and Wellsie and begins his lessons at the compound.  This enables him to learn that he’s one of the brotherhood and that he will eventually change.  Even though he doesn’t like how he is at the moment.

We even get to know some of the evil lessers and the depravity that they are and what they can do.  We are given their viewpoint at times throughout so we know who is doing what and maybe even why.

Butch becomes more involved with the brotherhood and is living on the compound with them.  He’s pining for Marissa and will eventually get his own story in book 4, Lover Enriched.

Zsadist makes an appearance in this story quite a bit.  He comes across as a dangerous predator that get off on harming everyone including the women he feeds from as well as threatening those around him. 

And on occasion, you see that he just might have a softer side to him.  And that definitely leads us to the next book really easily.

Then Bella gets kidnapped by a lesser and that puts Zsadist in a rage.  He takes it upon himself to find her no matter what it takes.

And that’s what leads us into Dark Awakened, where we find out the who and why of Zsadist.

Oh, Rhage and Mary do have their happily ever after!  Rhage makes a bargain with the Scribe Virgin for her to heal Mary but there are conditions.  And while he doesn’t like those conditions, he accepts them for Mary’s sake.

But when the Scribe Virgin learns that she can’t have children because of the treatments that she’s endured, she then changes the bargain and allows them to be together.

So the story does end happy.

But the story doesn’t end either.  With this series leading right to the next book, you know that their stories continue.

So check out book 3, Lover Awakened.

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