Dark Predator

Originally Published: 07-20-2018

Book Summary

Dark Predator is the 22nd book in the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.

This book has a couple of book covers to watch for! Take a look at the one below!

This is Zacarias De La Cruz’s story.  He’s the oldest of the De La Cruz brothers.  And the one that is the most lethal, hence being called a predator.

This story follows a bit different of story pattern than the other stories.

This story is based in Brazil with the other De La Cruz brothers. 

His brothers are Riordan (book 14), Rafeal (book 15), Manolito (book 18), and Nicolas (book 19). 

You will also find that these characters are closely connected to the characters that are jaguar people like in book 21.

This book is called Dark Predator because of who Zacarias is.  He has a darkness in him that makes him a superior hunter and excellent fighter.  But that same darkness makes him a loner and unable to exsist in the world that his brothers have created.

So he exists near them.  Close enough to help protect them but far enough that his darkness doesn’t affect them.

Now for his story:

Zacarias’ lifemate is Marguarita Fernandez.

If you’ve been reading this series, you know that when the Carpathian hears his lifemate’s voice then his whole world changes and he starts to see in color and they come together, not always easily.

But in this case, it’s a bit different.  

Marguarita was attacked by a vampire (in book 21) and her voice box was destroyed.  So she can’t speak.  So even though she’s a fierce protector to the De La Cruz brothers, she can’t actually speak to them.

But to follow the storyline of previous books, she’s psychic and has an affinity towards most animals and loves horses the most.  She can “speak” to them.

So when she finds that Zacarias has put himself in grave danger, by putting himself in the sun, she does everything she can to save him.

And because she can’t speak, she can’t explain to Zacarias why she is doing what she is doing.

And Zacarias was determined to give himself a honorable death.  So he’s beyond livid that she saved him.

But it’s through several blood exchanges and giving them telepathic abilities, he comes to realize that she’s his lifemate and that he must earn her trust despite the way that he’s been treating her.

So then the story follows the same pattern as the others.

The man realizes that she is a modern woman, and that she must have a mind of her own.  She must realize that he will always be a man of his world and that she must adjust as well.

Then he must win her trust and then convince her to love him despite his old world ways.  

So while this story is very similar to the others in this series, there are some differences as well.

One big one is that he can only see color when he is connected to her.  If he must fight a vampire, he “disconnects” himself from her presence and then his world goes bleak and black and white again.

And like the rest of this series, the sexual side of their relationship plays a significant part of their coming together.  And yes, these scenes have enough details to skip over.

I found this story to be very similar to the series as a whole.  I did enjoy it though.  This whole series is worth checking out.

I am finding though, as you get further in the series, that the details are getting a bit much and the story is no longer about them coming together but about the sex instead.  Which is sad, because Christine Feehan is an exceptional storyteller!

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