Author Traci Hunter Abramson – A Change of Fortune

Originally published: 8-12-2020

A Change of Fortune is a true stand-alone by Traci Hunter Abramson.

Book Details

A Change of Fortune was just recently published, as in in June of 2020 this book came out!!

The book was written by an LDS author, although she doesn’t classify herself as one.

This book is, however, classified as an inspirational romance as well as a contemporary romance.

And because of that, you’ll find that there’re no sexy details in it at all.

And because it’s a contemporary, it’s a modern story with a bit of a twist.

This story is about Brooke Sherman and the journey that she goes through after she loses her father to illness.

Book Summary

When she gets word that her father has months to live, Brooke does everything that she can to get home.  And during that, she also realizes who her real friends are and who aren’t.

And that starts the story out.

Even though her father is literally on his death bed, he’s a dreamer.  He’s always dreamed what it would be like to be the one to win the lottery.  He even gave it so much thought that he has a plan as what he would do and more importantly what he wouldn’t do if he won.

Brooke is a law student and goes home as many weekends as she can to spend time with her father.  And who goes with her but her very good friend James Ramsey.

When she realizes that he’s so much more than she thought before, they grow closer together.  And as he comes back and forth with her each week to visit with her father, she sees him for who he really is.

And then her father dies, and his dying wish is for her to purchase a ticket and sign it.

Not thinking anything about it, she does as he asks.

In her grief, she completely forgets about the ticket, and she starts making plans for what she will do now that her father is gone.

Then her lecherous aunt reminds her about the ticket.

And that’s where she finds out that she was actually the winner of the largest lottery in history.  And she’s afraid to tell anyone, including James.

But that’s only because of his family.

But she honors her father’s wish and actually puts into place the plans that he thought of if he’d won.  This helps her to be grounded and focused and to not let the money get out of control.

But things reach a point in hers and James’ relationship when he realizes that she’s won, and she didn’t tell him about it.

After some major reflection, they do figure things out and the story does end up happy, but it took a bit to get there.


Imagining that you’ve won the lottery, I’m sure is a thought that goes thru everyone’s mind at one point or another!  And I’m sure that you’ve thought about what you’d do if you won.

I know that I have.

I liked this story.  I enjoyed how the charming way that these two characters came together and built their relationship.  The story was not boring nor slow paced.

And it really gave insight to what would need to be done if you actually was to win the lottery and what you’d have to do if you did win in order to not be hounded by others.

I enjoyed reading a story that was completely clean and enjoyable.

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